The story begins with us

Here we go. I’m sitting on the couch. Waiting for something akin to heat sink in to my freezing fingers. It is November 2, 2009. We turned on the heat in our house yesterday. However, only in one room – and its not this room. The couch is blocking the electric heater. I’m not ready to move it out of the way, and would prefer not to catch the place on fire because I’m too lazy to change things around. So, I’ll just freeze my ass off in quiet protest. The Big Guy (one of the ‘S’s in this blog) has just made me a coffee. It is so wonderfully hot. I have to stop writing in order to enjoy its heat. Ah, so good.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never felt the timing was right. The timing will never be right, and instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, for this thing to write itself. I’m going to get to work. I’m not a person who easily focusses on one thing. Hopefully this blog, won’t be too sporadic and disjointed. So, I’m going to set a theme. A thesis of sorts. This blog is going to be about my family. How’s that for something new? Our family, buying a house, and what this means to us. I want to look back, and see how all of this has worked in shaping us into our Future Selves. Let’s get started.

There are five main characters in this story. There’s the Little House in the Big City. Little S, Small O, and Big S. And me. There are others who will play roles in this story. I don’t know exactly who they are yet. Likely, one of them will be the Seller. Another the Realtor. And then there is the extended family. We’ll get there in time.

Let’s begin.

When we put in an offer on Little House, we never thought it would turn out to be such an ordeal. I mean, people buy fixer-uppers all the time. And this house, it is so darn cute, and Big S and I just love it. We first went to visit on July 15th, 2009. We put in an offer shortly after. We went back and forth with the offer, and finally after meeting face-to-face with the Seller (which was sort of weird), we hashed out a deal. The Seller would meet the conservation notes on the external parts of the house, and we would take care of the inside of the house. One of the big parts of buying Little House, is that it needed to be moved 5’ for lane allowance. The Seller agreed to do this. And so, off we went on our merry way. New homeowners. The Seller was supposed to take a few months to finish the outside, and we were supposed to close today – November 2, 2009.

This unfortunately, is not going to happen. But we aren’t going gentle, we will fight. We are fighting in our quiet way. We will get what we want, evolution not revolution, the Canadian way.

Since July, a lot of things have happened. One of the major things, is that the Seller took it upon himself to gut the inside of Little House. Oh, you ask, ‘why’ when it wasn’t in the original agreement, and the outside of the house hasn’t been finished…well he thought we agreed that he’d do the work on the inside. Nope. Never did that. So, today we are waiting for word part on our counter to his estimate on finishing the inside. We’re feeling a bit bullied. Getting a $20K invoice from him, for work that was never agreed upon was a shock to the system, and pretty crazy. It hasn’t soured Little House for us, it is just more of a concern. Like, how did it get to this?

We went and looked at Little House last night. He looks so sad. So barren and desolate. Nothing, other than the foundation, has been done. The cripple wall hasn’t even been finished, and it looks as though Little House is beginning to settle (which is good). But the back porch is just sort of hanging there, practically crumbling and buckling from the weight of gravity. Man, I hope this place works out.

Did I mention that we live in Vancouver, BC. Can there be many more expensive places to live in the world? Probably. It is so damn beautiful here. It rains a lot, but there’s a beauty here that the rest of Canada cannot equal. There’s a calm seasonality. Lots of outdoor activities. Healthy. This place exudes health. It just feels like such a good place to raise our kids. Not to mention that I actually like my job. It pays well, for what it is, and there is a lot of freedom in my position. I can’t see giving that up to live elsewhere. Big S recently started working too. And he also likes his job. These are good things. Liking where you work, feeling like we’re doing something good. All is on the path to wellness and fulfillment. This house will work out. We will do it.

Small O is looking at me. He is so cute. It is time to post, and start playing in the real world.


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