A friend for Little House – January 29, 2010

We’ve come to an understanding. Seller, Realtors, Big S and me. We’ll pay for some of the renovations. But not everything. We got what we were hoping for, and only had to pay $2 more then we had imagined in our little minds. The paperwork has been sent to the Lawyers. We’ve all signed-off. We’re now going to close on the 28th of January, 2010 and move in day will be  on the 29th.  I want to run up to Little House, to see if anything has changed, if the Little House’s bones have mended and he’s all been fixed ready for us to move in. Of course, nothing has happened since Sunday, but wouldn’t it be nice.

Now we have to see if we can save enough money to actually pay the Seller for the renovations. We’ll likely have to try and work a bit more. I don’t know where we are going to get extra work, or how we’ll fit it in but stranger things have happened. I’ve got some ideas for some crafty things…maybe I can actually try to sell somethings on etsy. This is definitely worth a little extra effort.

I think it has really sunk in, after all these years of looking, dragging little S and O around from beaten-up house to hovel to shack, thinking that our standards could not get any lower, we’ve actually found, put in an offer, and have almost sealed the deal, and this place is better than we imagined we’d ever be able to buy and afford. A house in Vancouver. No really. This is our house. We’ve dreamed about this possibility for many a long years. And that it could finally, actually be happening. Well dang namm’t we’re as pleased as punch.

Over the last few months I’ve been bookmarking for ‘things that we’d buy if we owned a house’. It has all kinds of unaffordable things on it, and dreamy interior ideas. Big S has been taking photos of things in stores and on the interweb. We’ve got a little binder full of ideas, pieces of fabric, photos and the like. It will be hard to focus on anything but spending money over these next few months. Our ability to not spend is negligible, every time Big S and I leave the house we end-up spending money. And with both our birthdays being in November and Christmas coming, the joy of spending increases with each passing day. But no, we will be good. I shall put the charge card and interact on ice – literally. INTO the freezer it hath gone.

Onto bigger and louder things. It looks like Little House may have a new friend moving in. Today someone offered us the possibility of a piano. I think that Little House would enjoy having live music played for him. This is also something Big S and I have talked about recently. We both love music. Music has always been a big part of my world. When I was young, coming home from school, I would hear music pouring from our house at least a block away. My father loved to play Scottish marching band music – the pipes and drums. Anything heavy with percussion. My brother is one of those musical genius types, that can play any instrument, my sister has a beautiful singing voice. I ached to play music as a child, and started playing guitar when I was seven. It was my last choice of instrument, but I truly love playing, although I never made it further than grade seven (someday I will get to work learning some new songs, and graduate from music high school).

It would mean a lot to me for the children to play and have a love of music. Maybe not in the same overly emotional way that I’m attached to music – where being forced to listen to a crappy song is like catching a virus, shudder just thinking about it. Okay, put some music on, smooth Lotus Land and it is all piano. It feels much better. Anyhow, Big S and I want our kids to grow up being surrounded by music. Not just the stuff that is played from a machine, but the live stuff, the stuff that they’ll be intimately involved with.

Part of our 2010 resolute is to have music played in Little House. Friends, family, strangers. A house with music being played, I imagine it to be a joyous place. Everyday – or at least the majority of days. In our house there will be a piano. We will learn how to play. I will teach the kids guitar, and will practice something other than the songs I’ve been playing since I was sixteen. We’ll play the violin – first I need to get it fixed (that’s another story). Music will be a part of Little House’s being. It will happen.

But the problem arises – where will Piano sit?


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