Yesterday we had four extra six year old girls over for a movie after school. I don’t remember ever doing this when I was a child – a movie on a school night. Have things changes that much? We had suggested the Friday after school, but other parents were not into it, Wednesday worked better for everyone else. Is it weird, or am I just not being that flexible? Nevertheless, it was super fun. Little S was in the know, as she had seen said movie before, and all the girls were asking her what happened next. The little brother was even included in all the festivities. Which was really, really cool. As a little sister, I remember being purposely not included in my elder sister’s events…is this the difference between boy/girl sibblings, parenting, or children? When will it end? I really love that they share their time together.

In Little House the siblings will share a room. I’ve had a lot of different responses to this. Most of them report that this will have to end within the near future. Why? Seems space is an issue. But really, the big guy and I share a room. Why can’t kids share a room? Is it a weird North American thing? Or am I just naive? Will it somehow damage them? Why is it alright for the same gender to share a room, but not opposite genders?

I’m pushing ahead with the shared room. They’ll have to share, there just isn’t a way around it. Maybe in the future we can dig a basement and create a new space for the kids downstairs. But until then, we’ll just have to make the most of what we’ve got. I’ve got big dreams for their little room. It is going to be beautiful. We’re going to ask Big S’s father for some help, hopefully he’ll come through. We’ve got an idea for a mural in S&Os room. It involves the place when Big S and I were married. We want to create a little bit of a natural water/woodland area in their room, but we need help.

Gramps is an artist. An amazing artist. I don’t know exactly about his ability to paint landscapes, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to create an awesome mural. He just might not be willing to compromise on his own artistic vision…and I’m pretty stubborn and have a clear idea of what I want for the kid’s room. If I could paint (more than straight lines) I would do it myself. But I want this to be beautiful, and knowing this I need to give a little and have someone more competent do the work.

Okay, this is going to take some thought. Preparing. Sketches. Photos. Images. Not just vague ideas and imperfect plans. Time to put my thinking cap on.


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