Too early

What a morning. Got up bright and early, and everything was going swimmingly. Until I made a cup of steamed milk for Little O and it was so hot, and I didn’t realize until he squealed…poor little dude. Could not feel shittier about it. It was his second cup, and for some reason, the expresso machine (I feel pretentious just saying the words) must have been really hot, but I didn’t steam the milk for very long, anyhow it was completely my mistake, and now the little one has a burned mouth, black eye and big ol’ bruise on his forehead. It has been a banner week for the 2.5 year old. At least we had time to sing and read ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. Once I got to the end, I suddenly realized that I had a 7am meeting this morning. I burned around the house, woke the very sleepy dad, and rushed out the door. Made it to work at 6:40am. Turned my computer on, made a cup of coffee, chatted with my boss, went to my email…waited a few minutes…then checked the clock 7:03am…no phone call? WTF??? Oh, ha, yah the meeting is on November 20th. That’s why my calendar didn’t beep at me. That’s why Boss 3 (not in order of importance, but in like siblings, a birth order of sorts) hadn’t phoned from across the world.

At least I’ve got time to write this, and maybe clean my glasses so that I can actually clearly see this computer screen. Done.

Today we are going to try to get up to Little House and take a look inside. See what the damage is, and what we need to do. I’m really nervous. It will be like a blank slate, right? Will continue this later today, with pictures…finally pictures.


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