Dorothy’s house sans the Wicked Witch


This is where it all begins

This is midway through the lift

Little House looks as though he’s been caught in a tornado, and has only just returned to earth. I have yet to see those pretty red shoes poking out, disturbingly attached to striped leggings. At this point, some pretty red shoes would be a welcome thing (sure, the death that comes with them is less than desirable, but come on – what girl/guy doesn’t love a shiny things to wear on their tootsies?). Anyhow, the house is barren, decaying, sad and lonely. We want to come home soon, but Little House looks like it has been hanging out on the corner of Main and Hastings for one too many days. Crack, junkie house. Okay, alright. It isn’t that bad.


Little House’s front porch just hangs there, waiting for gravity to pull it down. No stairs, no flooring – just a couple of long posts and balustrade waiting for something to happen. Nothing is happening with the house. There’s a yellow industrial metal fence surrounding Little House. The back porch looks like a crumpled marionette, strings all tangled a messy heap yearning to be set free, untangled and played with. It seems like over the last few weeks nothing has been done. The window on the landing is still missing, and the foundation has yet to be finished. We’re at a standstill, and winter hasn’t even hit. I don’t know what is (not) happening with Little House.

I’m feeling the weight of waiting for something to happen. It is very uninteresting. Life moves on around us, and plans for the inside of Little House are pushing ahead. We’re realizing our limitations too – the financial ones – trying to plan out a house on a negligible budget…trying to see if we can just do things for free, get used to living there, and then make some changes. I think there are going to be some major things that we are going to have to take care of, so prettying-up the inside of our Little House may have to sit on the back burner. I have a feeling that a new roof may trump oil-rubbed faucets and ceramic sinks.

Well, we’ll wait for the winged monkeys to take flight bring us back from Oz to Vancouver. Maybe this house will land safely on a new foundation, it will all come together, we just have to have some sort of misguided trust in the Seller that he’ll come through, and finish Little House for January 28th, 2010.

btw: I know I said I’d take photos, but I still haven’t been able to upload them. It will happen – just not today. Here’s an older photo…finally uploaded.


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