Clearly there is a toilet in this photo

Have I mentioned that we might not have a toilet in our new place? Of course eventually we’ll have a toilet someday. I don’t think we can get actually get an occupancy permit without one…but what do I know? Stranger things have been known to happen.


We don’t really know where it went. But it is gone. I jokingly asked me sister for a toilet for Christmas. You know those sort of half joking/half serious requests. Where you are almost give the order number/colour/style that you like, but then you see the look on their face, and on second thought realize that maybe it isn’t appropriate. So, instead phrase is as a joking request. Yah, like that.

This Christmas, I’ll ask the only fellow I know who won’t laugh at me for asking, no wishing for a toilet. Santa, will you please bring a toilet.  I think this one will do…


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