Getting in there

Last night we went by Little House. It was the big guy’s birthday, and we were very hopeful that something, anything had changed. No changes. I was figuring in writing this blog, that it would be full of daily events, pics of the place coming along and our eventual move into Little House. Seems like a long way off right now. We keep driving by, hoping for change, something, anything – positive change. But right now all we are seeing is the slow degradation of the tarp around the new foundation, and improperly functioning cripple wall. Is this why people buy new places?

Before this last week, I never, ever thought of buying a new place. I want the challenge of fixing a place up to look exactly how I want it to. Not how some builder planned all the beige walls, dime a dozen granite countertops and box store lighting. Not that those things aren’t pretty…but I want something different than pretty. So, really when it comes down to it, this is just a hiccup. A really, really long breath drawn, reverberating loud sigh of a hiccup. No, not a death rattle. We’re still hanging on for dear life. And I haven’t really changed my mind about buying this place, it is old and worn, full of history, waiting for new life. I just want to get inside…see how bad it looks. Start taking measurements – but right now I’m not even sure that Little House can handle people inside of him.

Till then I’ll just bide my time. Thinking about crazy chandeliers like this:

Antique chandelier fixtures


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