Yes, we’re definitely waiting for Spring, but that’s not what this entry is about. Big S just got out of bed, and had an ‘ouch’ moment. He leaned over, and looked at the bed, felt around a little with his fingers, and proceeded to say, “There’s a spring poking out of the bed”. Laughter ensued. That sort of pathetic half laugh, half cry.

We’ve been talking about getting a new bed, but then we wanted to wait until (well) after we are in Little House. Obviously, we can totally wait until we’re there, and well afterwards (I think?). But now I’m wondering how long this current springy bed is going to last – will it make it through the move? Will more springs escape during the journey across town? Well, I guess we can just flip the mattress over and hope for the best, right?

But in the meantime, we’re going to start looking for a big old bed…Big S really wants a KING SIZED bed, a big old North American beast of a thing. Don’t even know if it will fit in the bedroom in Little House. Okay, just took measurements, and it appears that a king sized bed would fit in the room. Not sure about how far the door swings open though. What is the standard size of a door (this is rhetorical, as I’m really talking to myself here)? Around 30″ – judging by the measurement of our own bedroom door. If the room is 11×12, then I think we’ll be alright. Think. Might be good to make a paper cut-out the size of the bed frame and then take it over to the house. This is a verbal accounting of my current actions. And may change within 24 hours, once I’ve come to my senses.

Which leads to the next thing. Yesterday when we were out and about, wandering the streets of Vancouver, braving the torrential rain. Big S saw the bed of his dreams. Just a mere $3800. The guy has expensive taste. How do women afford such expensive house-husbands? This is not to mention that our TV is on its way out. We have to give it a Fonzie wack every time we turn it on, as the picture tube is having trouble. We haven’t let out too many ‘ahs’ yet, but the same old joke comes to mind whenever turning the boob tube on. Thank goodness we don’t watch too much TV. If I had to chose between the two, I’d be all for a new bed.

I think the TV and the Bed are in a dead heat to see which goes first. Neither are going to make it very long in Little House…but right now, it is hard to guess which one will go first – and how much protest there will be when they each die their terribly long and painful deaths.


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