Birthday Wishes

I’ve got Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, “Champagne wishes and Caviar Dreams” stuck in my head…Robyn Leech? Can’t remember the guy’s name. Today is my 36th birthday. Maybe Little House will unveil some pretty sweet changes today. I wouldn’t mind getting the chance to have a look inside of the place today…that would make for a good birthday treat. It is just so wet and rainy here, it is hard to think of anything good to do. Might go down to the Home Depot and pick-up the tile for the bathroom (I know, the excitement). This is the tile that we are going to use, with a border of black – like a frame of black. We’re trying to figure out whether or not to do some sort of bead board or to use tile around the bathroom walls. I think the ear of Little House demands something a little extra on the walls. We’ve got some old wallpaper that we’d like to put up, but we don’t have enough to make it around the whole room. If we did a four or five foot wall of bead board (tongue and groove, and then wallpaper above, it would look pretty sweet.

Oh, here’s a photo of the faucet for the bathtub….thinking about baths.  I’m going to have a birthday shower. They come once per year, and today I’m going to enjoy a long one :)

Elements Of Design ES2665X


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