wallpaper heaven

Things have been too busy. I haven’t felt like there has been anytime for writing. But, now that my vacation has started (sort of – considering I’ve worked yesterday and today, I’m a bit put-out). Anyhow, by Thursday I will really be on vacation, and I’ll have time for writing and researching more things for our house.

Today, just a few minutes ago I found wallpaper heaven. I’m going to look at this site…Thibaut.


Wallpaper isn’t for everyone. I know this. And at moments I think, maybe we shouldn’t do things that might hurt the resale of the house. But then I look at the reality of living in Vancouver, and think that this may be our house for the rest of our lives, so why not do it up and over the top, just for us. We can always take down the wallpaper if others don’t like it and the house doesn’t leave the market and sell in some sort of record time.

Since the screen is totally blurry right now, I’m going to take it is a sign to just post, and think about what to write tomorrow.

Good night and sleep tight.


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