Trying to keep chipper

With the date changing and the never ending nonsense from the Seller, I just keep wishing that I had a better hold on things. This Little House just feels like it is getting the better of me. Or rather, the Seller is getting the better of our family. We’re feeling quite hostile. Hostile hostages. We want the place, we wish he would stop fucking with the place. The changes and constant bull is not only annoying, it is destructive. Both Big S and I feel the strain this deal is causing us. It isn’t Little House – it is the Seller. He’s rogue, and out of control. We talk about it endlessly, we drive by Little House, waiting for signs of finishing. Looking for some kind of paint on the outside, the large yellow fence to come down, and other countless things.

This past weekend I took my parents to Little House. They were very good sports about it. They’ve seen all the changes, and that the house is really coming along. But my father couldn’t have been more correct about how the quality of finishes. The place is lacking. We’re fine with the lack of quality that the Seller is producing. We’re prepared to make the necessary changes. To make the place sparkle. We just have to get in there. Start working. For now, well we’ll just have to keep ‘thinking’ about what we are going to do, and planning, and dreaming.

Tonight I am dreaming about moody clouds, darkness and stormy skies

thanks to apartment therapy for this posting about Hotel Le Grand Balcon, France


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