I have had this song stuck in my head for days now. Pretty sure that it is not what gave me this nasty migraine. Think that there are larger forces at work creating an atmosphere where headaches abound. Anyhow, must have slept a good solid 10 hours last night. I hope that it will make a difference, and I can just get over this headache. Today we are supposed to get a couple of samples of wallpaper and material. Turns out that Benjamin Moore carries the Thibault brand. For the first time Big S and I got to see what the papers/fabrics actually look like. We even saw one that we both like, and it wasn’t online. So, today our thoughts are towards interior decor. Plunging our heads fully into the sand, and ignoring all that is happening with Little House and the big bad Seller. On that note, fabric and chairs. Last week we found an old cogswell chair…trying to find an accurate picture, here we go, this is the actual chair.

image 1546344919-0

It is one of those comfortable, country-kind of looking chair. I want to make it a ‘statement’ piece. Just make it so ugly, that it is awesome. Being that I have a long time affinity for plaid, I’m now leaning towards reupholstering the chair in a blue and red plaid…like this

or alternatively, in something like this

Yes the two looks are not similar in any way, shape or form. Big S likes a tight repeating pattern, and I like loose free-flowing…except when it comes to plaid. My worry is that the plaid is just going to be too country…have got to find a tartan/plaid that works…so the search begins.


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