Little O is in bed with me right now. He is building something with his little crane and dump trucks. Wonder what he will be when he grows into adulthood? He is so absorbed by cars, trucks, and heavy machinery, wonder how that will change as he grows. In the family room I can her Little S reading to her father. She has been improving so rapidly, hardly ever gets stuck on a single word, and is reading the highest level books available for grade one. These are good children. But why do they get-up at 4:30am?

Big S and I have been trying to figure out what is happening with their schedules. For the last week or so they both have been getting-up before the crack of dawn. Long before the sun rises, we both hear the pitter patter of their feet, and the whining sound of their voices. Neither of them seem particularly happy to be up so very early. Yet, morning after morning they keep rising from their beds earlier and earlier. We’ve got a clock in their room, and Little S knows how to read it, she knows that she is not supposed to get-up until 6am. But she still is, and I hear her most mornings, waking her brother up. The majority of the mornings are her waking him, but this morning, I heard him first. What is it that is waking these children? Why are they not sleeping better? We’ve been trying to figure out what to do to turn this tide of events.

Last night we thought that we’d keep them up later, just to see if maybe we were sending them to bed too early. Little S barely made it to 7:30pm, and her brother followed her sleepily to bed. We thought that sending them to bed 1/2 an hour later might just do the trick. No luck. On Wednesday, Little S feel asleep at 6pm. She got up at 4:30am. We thought that the early morning was due to the early night. Their normal bedtime is 7pm. Is it time for change? What is a good change to make? We’ve tried earlier, tried later…neither seem to work.

Our other thought is that the kids just aren’t being active enough. Winter has led to a sedentary sort of lifestyle, and we haven’t been to the park as often as we would like. In February, we are starting swimming lessons two evenings per week. Maybe this will help with sleep? It is worth a try.

I’m wondering if they haven’t been eating well enough. They both seem to be going through an odd period of pickiness. It isn’t as though they aren’t eating anything, but it seems like both of their vegetable consumption is on a slight hiatus. Is it due to the Christmas diet? Is it taking all of January to get them out of the slightly slacker routine that we fell into over the holidays? We don’t eat a lot of junk food in our house. From time to time we have chocolate and popcorn, but that is the extent to our indulgence. Guess that February I’ll have to plan out more of our meals, make sure that we are hitting all the necessary bases. I’ve probably been missing something in all our of diets.

The sleep thing probably has a lot of different contributing factors, they’ve all converged and have produced this evil, evil early waking hour. We’ll work on everything at once…maybe there’s a solution close at hand. I sure do hope so, because I’m beginning to get a bit tired of being tired.


2 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Ooh, us too!! Little C has been up at five on the button for the last week. Doesn’t matter if she naps, if we run her ragged all day, what time we put her to bed…I don’t get it.

  2. Two little bodies running around at 4:30am…two very grumpy bodies lurking around at 4:30pm. Tonight Little O fell asleep and stayed asleep while we ate dinner out…sleeping in my lap! It is pure craziness…maybe it is the vibe of the Olympics. I can’t take much more, adding to that Big S starts a new contract on Monday. It is going to be evil, very evil.

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