hardwood or rug?

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Vancouver. We were on the hunt for hardwood flooring, as we thought we were going to have to make a quick purchase of flooring for Little House. In the end, there wasn’t a rush (or there appears to be no rush, what do we know). While we were down there we found some fantastic floors, ‘spiced birch’ hardwood throughout for $1.25sq’. Can’t really beat that price, so we went ahead and purchased flooring for the living room and dining room. There wasn’t enough for the kitchen and bathroom, but we aren’t sure what to do with those rooms yet anyhow. But in buying floors, it really started us thinking about what to do with the bedrooms.

Traditionally, I’ve always leaned towards hardwood. I’ve got some pretty nasty allergies, and hardwood is often preferred over carpeting. But, hardwood has become the norm now, and I can feel myself rebelling against it. Because I just have to be different, difficult, and defiant. Instead of just looking at regular, nice plush carpet, I’m leaning towards some crazed pattern wool carpeting…just haven’t been able to find exactly what I want. Well, maybe I’ve found what I want, but it would appear that no one in Canada sells the stuff. Oh Canada, why can’t you get with the design program and make cool European designs available like our American counterparts?

The picture isn’t loading, so here is the link


It is a bit over the top, and I don’t think it really suits Little House, but maybe something like this will work:

It seems more in tune with the era of the house. Or maybe even something like this, but in a lighter colour scheme:

They have one that is greys and whites, it does make the carpet pattern slightly less garish when it isn’t brown and black. But then there are those minimalist tendencies that I do so love and lean towards, and I just feel like painting out the floor in a nice white, beautiful white…how I do love a white room. Maybe I could just do something like this, and call it a day:

white = cool, calm, clean and just so light and airy. Love it.


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