Rainy February days

Unlike many of the folks who come to live in Vancouver, I’m pretty alright with the rain, and get a little worried when it hasn’t rained enough…I think it may be an odd side effect of growing-up in so-called ‘Rainbow Country’. In the Fraser Valley it rains more than it does in Vancouver. Additionally, the rain in the city, means snow on the mountains. Although I’m not much of a skier, I do love the snow, and am forever wanting to go up and be in the mountains. So, a big YAH for rain. I may be among the few who love it, but rain is what makes this place green year round, and that isn’t all bad. Guess the rain has been making me think about Little House’s roof. Wonder how that little green wonder is doing? It looks about due for a new load of shingles. So, the big guy and I have started getting quotes.

We’ve had our first quote come in for roofing. $8K. That’s for architectural shingle, and the conservation notes ask for cedar shingles, which are supposedly more expensive. Knowing is good. We can prepare for it. I think I’ll get another three quotes. When we’ve got them all in, I’m going to apply for a grant from the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Axe that plan, I was going to apply. Apparently, the grants have been suspended for 2010. Oh, BC government, what is happening? I must start looking around to see where else there are grants for old houses. Any ideas?


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