It has been busy. We had some really great news about Little House on Monday. Now, some people wouldn’t think that it was ‘good news’…because we didn’t end-up closing and the Seller has to do a whole bunch of work. But honestly, it was the news we’ve been waiting for. The heritage inspector came by Little House and gave it a huge fail. A big fat YOU FAIL…so the Seller has to fix all his crappy work. Sure it is going to take some time, but to have everything done properly, and to have a beautifully finished home to move into…(on the outside), well it is really great.

So, the big guy and I are really happy to have to wait another month or so. Period.

Today I saw this project done by some random dad out there. Man, do I ever wish I was talented like this, or that I knew someone with such talents. Little O would go absolutely mad for a radio flyer wagon made into this dump truck. Maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up with this sort of talent


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