Kids are funny

“Oh no, spilled, Mommy, oh no, spilled”….”What did you spill Little O”….”Poo, poo spilled on the floor!”

And that is how Sunday started. Kids are so funny. Potty training is awesome. I wanted to record this image for all times, so that I never forget how awesome it is to be a kid, and the little things that kids say and do.

Yesterday our new bed arrived. We decided that we couldn’t wait to move into Little House, the springs were poking through and there were permanent imprints of our bodies in the bed, with a lovely ridge along the middle. Every morning we awoke to stiff backs, and creaking bones. It is likely that most people realize how expensive a bed is, but I really didn’t realize how much money they are, that being said, both Big S  and I had agreed that we’d try to buy something local (equalling more expensive – which is totally annoying), something organic, and latex (because of my crazy allergies). We found something, and it turned out to be one of the most affordable expensive beds in the city, and it had all of the different aspects we were looking for, and more! So, yesterday when it arrived we were really excited. I’m glad to report this morning, that the bed is good. Although, I’m not completely freed of a sore back – I did wake-up and wasn’t stiff!!!!! Which is so crazy. One night on a new bed and I feel better. Better yet, the big guy, well he didn’t snore at all last night. Isn’t that cool?

Now, the next things on our list are:

New TV – our picture tube is going and we have to bang the side of the TV to get the picture to come on, sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve gotten quite used to truncated versions of humans. Watching programs like, “So You Think You Can Dance” have been hilarious, because everyone’s legs/lower halves are shrunk, squat and stubby. The TV isn’t a rush though, as I’d like to watch less of it, and it is more like a constant stream of sound and flicking pictures, then a source of entertainment.

New Sounds System – like the TV, we also have to tap the amp to get the sound to even out. This has just started happening over the last week, so hopefully the thing will hold out for a couple of months, because it is the last thing I feel like purchasing at the moment.

Toaster or Toaster Oven – For Christmas I got a toaster oven, and it sucks. No really, I didn’t think that a piece of kitchen equipment could suck as bad as this thing does. It burns toast on one side, while leaving the other completely raw and untoasted. The heat is uneven, and it constantly smells like it is burning – yet there isn’t a single sign of smoke. It isn’t an electrical burning smell either, if it was, I’d be more worried. I can’t wait to toss the thing out the window, and yell “I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

New computer – Big S has talked about getting a new computer for over a year. This one is difficult because all of his editing programs are on the old computer, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to shell out more cash for editing software…but the computer doesn’t even have wireless capability, so in the coming months we’re going to have to start thinking about the cost of replacing the G3.

These are the main things. There are a host of other things in our place that are on their way out. Some of them we won’t be replacing, others we’re just going to hold onto until there is nothing left. I can only imagine the costs that will be associated with owning a place, all the things that we are going to have to fix in Little House when we move in. I think it is going to be an expensive few years…but it is all still exciting. Little House is coming along, and we have a new closing date of March 8, 2010. The Seller has talked to the Conservationists, and it seems like he’s finally getting it…We can only hope.


One thought on “Kids are funny

  1. Cass made a funny poo comment today too. She went on the big toilet for the first time, and when she was done she looked down and said, “Oh, it looks like a statue. A funny log statue!” Where did that come from? Kids are hilarious.

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