Like so many Canadian’s right now I’m ever so filled with joy and pride. They went well, in the end – didn’t they? I have such fond memories of the Olympics, one of my earliest stories was about the Winter Olympics. I have it somewhere resting at my parents house. The story has been forwarded many times, told and retold. It was centred around being a skater in the Olympics and getting hit by a two-by-four. The oddity of it came up years later during the whole Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding affair. But there are more memories, and now all these years have passed, and Little S is getting to experience her first memories of an Olympics are right here in her own city. She and her father are somewhere downtown Vancouver trying to get close-up to the flame.

I’m thinking about what amazing memories this will create for her. What excitement this will create in the spirit of the human, to overcome adversity. It is hard not to sound like a telecaster, to repeat all the commercials, repeating the broadcasts.

Right now,’ I Believe’ is playing and Little O is totally rocking out in front of the TV. It has been that catchy. Even the little ones are excited. The TV…man have we ever watched a lot of TV over the last two weeks. The closing ceremonies are just starting. Good on Canada. I like how we can still make fun of ourselves. Haha. Memories.

Next little while I’ll have some pictures up, and it will be like starting a New Year. Maybe even will have a little good news about Little House. Seems like things might be moving along again. We can only hope.


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