Spring in Vancouver. Today it is something like 18 degrees out, and it just feels like spring. I wish that we were in Little House, feeling a little bummed that it is taking so long. I just don’t know what to make of it all. The 22 of March is Monday. And we are supposed to close on Monday, but we haven’t heard anything in a while, I’m doubting it, but then again, you never know. In the presence of Spring, I’ve started thinking about planting, and what I would plant. But because we haven’t started moving in, and it is all just a distant and vague concept just now, I’ve decided to concentrate on house plants…here are a few:

  1. Janet Craig
  2. Sweet Chico
  3. Kentia Palm
  4. Philodendron
  5. Golden Pothos
  6. English Ivy
  7. Spider Plants
  8. Snake Plants
  9. Peace Lilly
  10. African Violet

If I had a yard to fill with plants, I would definitely scope out this place in Vancouver, I’m intrigued and can’t wait to take a look at what they’ve got, but it is going to have to wait until we’ve got an actual yard to plant in, and I’ve done my research, and won’t just be impulse plant purchasing

Well, now today is March 22, 2010, and there is no way that we are going to close. On Friday, when I had started writing this post, I had the bright idea that I should phone the conservation folks, touch base, see how the good old Seller was doing on his drive towards completion. It is a slow drive in a big old jalopy, parts falling off while the great beast lumbers along. I was fuming tears of frustration on Friday while on the phone with the conservationists. The individual’s communication skills were subpar at best. All they needed to say was (something along the lines of), “Because the seller is our client we are unable to share any information with you…” Instead she talked about not having access to information, not being an architect or a general contractor. I just wasn’t getting what she was going on about. I kept saying the same thing over and over adnausim, “But aren’t you essentially responsible for providing the city with the approval for occupancy. How can you not know whether the house has been painted correctly or incorrectly…” It was driving me nuts, she also said I wasn’t paying her so it was hard for her to answer any of my questions. When I suggested that I could pay her, she said she couldn’t take me on as a client because the seller was already a client. My reason for calling was to see how many items on the conservation list had been completed, and what was left, so that we could get an idea of how much it would cost us to take over the project. Doesn’t seem complicated. Apparently, it is very complex and we are not allowed this privileged information. Even though we were sent the list of deficiencies just a short few months ago, we’re not permitted an update or timeline for project completion.

Does this all sound pretty bogus? If there were any cheaper options available in this city we would totally be on it. We keep looking. Just a few short weeks ago we saw a tear-down a few blocks away for 550K, and although basically set in an alley, and totally decrepide and falling apart, the location was so good we almost (and I mean almost) though about it. The lack of a 30% down-payment was really the only thing that stopped us. In order to do any construction on a house that one wants to purchase, there must be a 30% down-payment. Crazy housing. Crazy Canadian rules. Crazy expensive place to buy a house. Darn it, why do we live here? Oh yes, because the housing market is the only shitty thing that we can ever think about as far as Vancouver is concerned. Everything else this place has to offer is awesome. Damn awesome expensive city.


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