For a couple of weeks there nothing was happening with Little House. And honestly, there wasn’t much exciting happening on the current home front either. Yesterday we took a drive by Little House, just to see if any changes were happening. And low and behold, the windows are boarded over! And my oh my, how classy it looks. We must have driven by at just the right time though, because there was a man walking by with a window, placing it in his little truck. I stopped him and asked when he expected that the windows would be done. He asked if we were the new owners. I said yes (of course), and he said May 1st. “Great!”

I’m thinking that closing on April 15th is unlikely. However, it is pretty cool to have someone other than the Seller give us some actual dates. The tricky part is getting the Seller to communicate with his realtor. The last week, our realtor has been in contact with the Seller’s realtor. Apparently, the big, bad Seller is not returning phone calls. He has the duplexes listed with a different realtor…this really shouldn’t affect us, but somehow I have the distinct feeling it will. Totally overreacting, I know. This thing is taking so long. Patience Jennifer, patience. Last night we got a message from our realtor – new closing May 20th.

A coworker was talking with their friend about our place. The friend is a successful real estate investor. He was pretty excited about our place, and told her that we should hold tight. Don’t worry. We’ve got a crazy good deal, and would be foolish to let it go just because it is taking so long to complete. The big guy and I are fine with waiting. It is providing us with the opportunity to get everything else in our lives up to date. I’ve even started doing a massive spring clean. Time to take some photos and get a new post on the spring clean.


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