Trying to take photos of the kids’ room

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It took two days and two people. It is a 8×9 sq’ room, how hard is it really? Apparently we are just that inept. With all due respect to our photo taking skills, somewhere along the line the Big S and I just sort of forgot how to take a good photo. I lean towards digital cameras making me lazy, when I had to rely of taking a good photo because film was expensive to develop, I took more care, more time, and I set-up photos, thought more about composition, placement, the actual look on someone’s face – capturing that moment. Anyhow, in the end I think we did alright. The kids’ room was super clean. I made a couple of fabric bookshelves, touched-up the paint on the windowsill, and hung a couple of photos on the wall. It only took three years, but their room is done. Now it is time to move.


One thought on “Trying to take photos of the kids’ room

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