Outside…something new for Little House

Backyard. Little House has a tiny backyard. Big S and I have been trying to think of ways of making that little tinny tiny backyard seem bigger. We’re off on our way. We pulled together some different ideas, and have started making things happen. Luckily, I had this last Friday off from work, and low and behold, it was a sunny day! (These have been few and far between this summer).

We don’t have a lot of extra funds, so we set about making due with what we have around the yard/house. The backyard was really uneven, and sloped towards the house – bad idea in a watershed area such as Vancouver. We levelled out the backyard using good old fashioned team work, a level, a long yard stick, a 2×4, a shovel and a couple of rakes.

A couple of weeks ago, after lots of searching and flipping through gardening/landscaping books, I put together a little Backyard Ideas inspiration….

Although our backyard is smaller then the one in the photo. It is of a similar size and layout. Eventually, I want to put in a little work shed or little playhouse for the kids. We’ll have to figure that one out a little later, as I spent too much money on plants. This is a problem for a later post, and is a quality that I’ve inherited from my dear father.

Here is what we started with:

And this is where we’ve ended for the day:

There are still a lot of things that we need to finish. But we are on our way, and it is a good start.

Maybe I’ll start using lists…this might help with getting things done. What do you think?


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