Front Yard Little House

So today, I was looking up the historical places site for Canada, because I wanted to see what the picket fence and trees that used to be out front of Little House. I couldn’t remember exactly where the trees were placed, and I just wanted to have one more look at that super sweet little white picket. You can see what the house used to look like here. I’ve been thinking a lot about the front yard, and how to make it look a little bit larger, a bit more flow happening from the sidewalk to the yard. Looking at the old photo, I like how the two trees in the front of the yard really added a lot of depth to the house. I think we’re going to move the current gate over to the west, so that it is closer to where it originally stood (right next to the neighbours fence). This will give us a larger portion of yard to walk through to the front door. It will also create a bit of depth, by linking the sight-line with the pathway that runs around the side of the house to the backyard.

So, here’s what I’ve been working on so far. I know I want an English Cottage sort of feel to the garden…

Most of the plants that are listed I’ve already started collecting. So by next year, I should have a good lot to spread throughout the yard, on both sides of the fence. The big one that I haven’t listed is the wisteria that I’m saving for that will go in the front corner of the house, between the porch and the kitchen window. It will look something like these images from Wikipedia:

But of course, it won’t be on an old british house, and won’t be anything akin to this size for many, many years. But I think that the purple will look stunning against the house, and well, it will give it presence, timeliness, curb appeal…or something like that.

File:Chinese Wisteria Blütentrauben.JPG

The other thing that still needs to be built for the front is a little sandbox boat. Something for Little S and O…they have fun in the one we’ve got for them, I want to make something like a real sailboat for them…something fun for their imaginations – obviously there won’t be trees and grass surrounding their little boat, but this is where their imaginations will need to take over. Happy Dreaming.


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