Butterflies, snakes and hares…what dreams are made of.

This is going to be a work in progress sort of thing, trying to get in the mode of making lists and ticking each thing off. We’ve now been in Little House for one year, and we’ve accomplished a lot – not everything. The house is metamorphosing, and I so hope that a bug with both substance and beauty emerges after all of our work…and this insect better not end up being some sort of crazy hornet’s nest, that is a constant buzzing reminder of the sting of house poverty. Big S has been working on the theory that if we do one thing per day, before we know it, Little House will be spiffy-keen. There are lots of things that need to be completed, and for little or no money we should be able to make a nice dent in all of these pesky little things. However, looming over our heads the biggest thing on our to do list for the house in general is the roof. It feels like we’ll never be able to put aside enough pennies, nickels, and dimes in time for September, but I sure hope that the fall will bring with it some tar paper and shingles.

In the meantime, we’ve set to work on the kids’ room. Last winter I bought some wallpaper, hoping to use it in the room, but with the rainy weather hadn’t wanted to put it up for fear it would just slip down the walls into a puddle of mushy pulpy messiness. Then summer arrived, more or less, and the kids went to visit their grandparents for four lovely days (all of which I spent at work, but that is a different story). Big S got the paint out, and put a fresh coat of white on the walls, while I toiled at work. And then after 6pm we worked into the wee hours of the night before the kids return.

Here’s my one and only caveat. Wallpapering is not easy, definitely not for those who prefer fleeting flights of fancy. Wallpapering takes patience, time, strong arms, attention to detail, crazy obsessive compulsive manic sort of sustained energy…did I mention patience? It is much harder to work with than paint. It isn’t always forgiving, and matching up the drop makes for waste, which I do not like (I’m still looking for ways to use up every last little stitch of paper, we’ll probably cut out the best full images and use them somewhere, somehow). However, when it is done, it looks so pretty. Well worth the stinking sore arms.

It is really hard to take a good photo of the room, I might try again when there is lots of light in the room, maybe even move some of the furniture out of the corner in order to get the best possible photo angle, but anyhow, these give a good idea of the Kids’ room (it still possesses the smell of wallpaper glue, sure hope that is wanes before the wee ones are addicted):

The only wee bit of annoyingness is that we didn’t have enough wallpaper to cover the whole wall. Thankfully, the furniture hides the missing bits. More paper is on order, and we’ll finish it when it all arrives. But for now, the room is really starting to come together. In the spirit of list making, all that is left to do now is:

Upholstering the bed-rails

Repainting the floors and sealing them

Fixing the totally off-centred window framing, that the contractor completely messed up when he gutted the house without our permission, and then haphazardly tried to make-up for by putting too flimsy MDF moulding around the windows and capping it with the most awkwardly uneven header

Drawing/sketching some pictures for the walls

Sewing curtains

Making a blind (going to use this idea from H&H as inspiration)

Doing something about a wardrobe…possibly building a closet, have yet to decide

Building a desk out of reclaimed wood (maybe something like this, definitely with drawers)

Oslo Console Desk at Remodelista

Could that really be it, no I’m sure there are more things to add to the list.


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