What to do on a rainy day?

July 16, 2011 Rain. July 17, 2011. Rain. This weather is really messing with my head, I’ve had two whopping migraines in the last couple of weeks, my head just doesn’t know what to make of the rise and fall of the barometric scale. But in all seriousness where is summer? There are things to do outside, fun to be had at the beach, long bicycle rides, picnics, hours wandering the hills and mountains. So, while awaiting daisies, lavender and long, hot, restless summer nights we decided to start tackling the back room. It is sort of a laundry-pantry-sewing-workspace. However, in truth, storage space is really the most accurate description. Have I mentioned before that there aren’t any closets in Little House? There is a little storage cubby under the stairs, but otherwise the laundry/storage room is it for closet space. Since moving in and constantly working to improve Little House, this valuable square footage has become a dumping grounds of sorts. Well no more, no more I say! It is now a lovely meditative spot to get work done, and while I wait to build an outside sewing shed, it is the perfect space to get a little sewing done, or perhaps even a little bit of dare I say, work done. In keeping up our mission to do one thing on Little House per day, Big S and I worked through the headache by tackling the back room….or a quarter of the back room.

For now, we are just focussing our attention on the section of space directly underneath the window…this area:

Before…last shot I have of the room (with the recently refinished dresser)

These are not the best shots ever, but they will have to do. The inside of the storage room was painted the same colour as the outside of the house, Edwardian Buff (Vancouver Historical Colours), and we repainted it all out in Cloud White, and used pretty well every last bit of paint we had leftover from painting the other rooms of the house. We’ll need to do plenty of touch-ups. Especially after putting in new flooring, but honestly, I can now work in the space. The desk cleverly covers my messy sewing work if I need to leave something mid-sew, but also serves very well as a desk for Big S when he is doing contract work, or for me on my work from home days.

Voila! The after shots:

We spent a grand total of $0 on the back room, by using leftovers from around the house. The desk was a free find from craigslist, the rug was from a lovely friend, the curtains are made from leftover 100% linen fabric caught on sale for $3.00 a ream at Ikea (the rest was used as quilt covers for the kids’ beds), the chair is one of our dining room set, the clock doesn’t actually work anymore, but we didn’t know this when we hung it up, and the plants, candles, pottery, etc. were from various places in the house. Since taking the photo, I’ve put a lamp from our bedroom into the workspace. Will take a few update shots later, when there is daylight.

Now the to do list:

Baseboards – we’ve got some, just have to put them on.

Repaint the floor or put down some tongue and groove pine – yes, yes, I know it is soft, but seriously this will only be an interim solution, and Jenka hardness is hardly an issue. Plus, we’ve got a whole bunch of pine sitting around gathering dust, and I think it will look just dandy.

Decide whether or not to paint the desk.

Hang a picture or two (hopefully some great works of art by the kids).

Fix a couple of paint spots on the ceiling.

Hang a little fabric shelf beside the desk for storing books and magazines.

Get a clock that works (this is the only item that I might just have to end up buying, and will shoot for under $20).

That’s it, a functional space for $19.99 or less.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy some of the things that summer brings, local cherries and berries, angela food cake, and fresh cream, yum… yum:


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