Goodbye rocking chair…

The biggest problem with collecting and refurbishing furniture as a hobby is space, or lack there of in the case of Little House, it definitely is not related to a hoarding issue (insert uncomfortable silence here), or this is what I’ve been telling myself. The reality is our house is overfilled and a bit disjointed, and before I bring another project in, it is definitely time to find new homes for finished projects – a different home than Little House. The realization that we’re bursting at the seams, means it is time to make a couple of decisions about what to keep, what to give away, and what to sell. That last one is actually pretty difficult. All the time that each project takes, the money spent on fabrics, and the labour itself, in all honesty there really isn’t any chance of getting a good return on time invested – so what is a fair price?

I want to be able to just give everything away. It feels so much better to give things away…doesn’t it? Feeling torn. On the one hand, I want to give away things to people who will use them, love them, and then pass them on to someone else who will return the love. However, more than often, I’m noticing that free items are coming back onto craigslist with nothing other than a cost attached to them. They aren’t being fixed, recovered or refinished – just a photo of the same item in a different space with a price tag attached. Yes, of course – this is capitalism at play, and in some people’s world it is a fine example of entrepreneurism, but not in my world. Taking something that you got for free and profiting off of it, when you haven’t done any work improving the object…well it just feels wrong. So, now that you know my feelings on about profiting off of people’s generosity, that takes me to where I am right now, trying to figure out what to do, whether it is better to give away for free or to recoup the monies I spent on making the item useable.

First (and only) case in point. The Rocking Chair. This was one of the hardest reupholstery jobs that I’ve ever tackled. It isn’t perfect though. The chair still has a bit of a creak that I can’t seem to get rid of, and there are some very small flaws in my upholstery job – nothing that will prematurely age the chair, but still it isn’t perfect. It is a lovingly used item. So, do I give it away for free? Or do I ask something for it, and hope to recoup a little of the costs involved in reupholstering it?

I’ve got a little tiny storage room filled with junk. Maybe we’ll have ourselves a little yard sale…see who will take our wears and worries away. Will report back on how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye rocking chair…

  1. Aw, I love this chair! I actually bought the same blue fabric for a curtain in Casey’s room. I can’t believe you’re letting it go! I do understand though, that when your place gets crowded, hard decisions have to be made. Let me know if you decide to sell it – we may be interested!

    • Hi Judie,
      I know, I love the chair too…I put it on craigslist. Someone mentioned I should try Etsy, not sure about it. I’m asking $150…had a very hard time deciding what was ‘fair’ – you know what I mean?

  2. Just noticed this reply! I hope it found a good home, and for a fair price for the amount of time and energy you put into it!

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