the writing is on the fence

This is the kind of graffiti that only a mother could love. Somehow I missed seeing this work of art being created in the back garden, and only just caught a glimpse of it while looking out the window enjoying a morning’s first cup of coffee. Little S is the culprit. Love her love. Love that she included her brother, love that she included her friend. She is my star, and I could not possibly love her more. Wonder how long it will take for this rain to wash away the chalk, probably be gone by tomorrow with all the rain we’ve been getting.

The city has been at work paving the back alley. The smell is wafting through the window, reminding me that I need to get back to work, overpowering my senses, forcing me to move off this lovely couch, and  to finish the laundry, do the dishes, clean the bathroom…glamourous, exciting, can hardly contain my excitement. Maybe after the chores are done, there will be a little time left for some of the fun projects.

Have been working hard on getting a project or two finished (will post them when they are finished). And madly working thinking on the to-do list. Hopefully by the end of July, the list should be a bit more manageable. Hope being the operative word. The reality that this is the last week of July has just arrived. I’m just a wee bit slow today.

So here’s the to do list so far:

Office : Baseboards, Flooring.

Laundry Room: Baseboards, Flooring, Paint.

Kids’ Room: Finish the blinds, Upholster bed rails, Seal the floors (kids need to not be here to do this, so it might have to wait until August), Framing out window (need Gramp’s help), Drawing/Sketching some pictures for the walls (started, not finished, took out a couple of books from the library to help with technique), Sew curtains (need fabric for this, haven’t found any that works yet), Blind (almost done, hung and ready to go, just need to add ribbon to edge), Wardrobe…still thinking this one out.

Grown-up’s Room: Move chest of drawers downstairs to laundry room. Finish blind. Repaint bedposts…paint wearing oddly. Move around bed. Install baseboards (haven’t figured out what to use yet, this one might have to wait until September).

Living Room:  Reupholster Couch (this is going to wait. haven’t found fabric yet).

Hallway/Stairwell: Paint, looks grungy.

Kitchen: Save for a dishwasher and surprise husband (SURPRISE…someday).

Bathroom: Paint outside of tub. Install new shower hardware. Fix blind/make blind/do something about a blind. Dream about a better bathroom.

That’s about all I can think of right now, should take five-ten minutes tops.

Will check back periodically and cross things off this list. Goal for this week is to finish one thing, and not spending any money in completing said project. Wish me luck


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