The house is clean, but nothing else is done

It is August 1st, and it is so very beautiful out, a great day for BC. Although I haven’t really accomplished many of the things on my to do list, Big S and I did get our bed moved around and the furniture rearranged. It looks good, will take some photos later. This weekend has been all about cleaning, have been behind on this, and decided that it was really time to have a big clean. While I really don’t enjoy cleaning, the end result is always worth it. With a little elbow grease, vinegar, baking soda, lemons and hot, hot water, the whole house just feels so much brighter and better. The floor is fantastic, the kitchen shelves are lovely and organized, bathroom is perfect, even the sheets feel fresher on the bed. Little House smells good from top to bottom. Even hung up a few old photos that we kicking around, which were in a box under the couch, a place that doesn’t do them any justice at all.

The best part of the weekend though, was hanging up the swing on the front porch. The kids were so excited, and fought a little over turns, but we worked it out in the end by turning on the timer and giving them 3 minutes each for many, many different turns, which led to tons of laughter, and the timer was soon forgotten about. We’ve been trying to figure out where to hang the swing for almost the whole year that we’ve been here. So glad that we finally found the perfect spot for the swing.


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