Little O as Mr. Fixit

The little guy loves to break fix things. What is most amazing is how he can manage to fit his tools into the tinniest of crooks and crannies. See the hammer between the fork in the motorcycle or the screw driver stuck in between the fender?

The way that he plays is so very different than his sister. It makes me wonder about gender differences. Is it innate? Is it environment? We’re not the type of parents who enforce or talk about ‘traditional’ gender roles. And I wonder how this will affect them as adults? Will school knock the different right out of them, force them into square boxes of well-defined roles. Teaching them how to be little boys and little girls; telling them how to act and behave. How far do our roles as parents reach? Will it be too confusing to them to have parents that don’t believe that everyone should or can fit into these pre-ordained roles? It is too easy to get wrapped-up in what ifs.

For now his favourite colour is pink. He plays rough and likes to destroy things. He like to wear his sister’s nighties, because they are flowing, airy and beautiful. He’s hard on his toys. He likes to chase rabbits. He loves to cuddle. He tells his sister how much he loves her nearly every day. His puppy is so much more than just a toy, he’s his best friend and loving companion.  These children are so much more than mere dichotomies of nature vs nurture.  The older the children get, the more they surprise me by not squarely fitting into their gender roles. I like this a lot.

They are so much more than just a boy and just a girl. They are so much more than I can justly explain.


2 thoughts on “Little O as Mr. Fixit

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