Little S had a sleepover last night. She woke early, and made it downstairs, slouched on the couch, barely mobile, a little perplexed by her own tiredness. They stayed-up until 10ish. You know your child is tired when they openly acknowledge exhaustion. She’s moved only slightly, and is currently sitting on her daddy’s lap reading the weather report, cuddling very deeply. The purple-red rings under her eyes, sullen face and sleepy eye-lids reaffirm her fatigue. Poor child. Her brother is upstairs playing hide-and-seek, none of the girls are actually playing with him. The other girls are a secret agent gang, teeming with wakefulness, not at all stunted by the shortness of sleep. They’ve secluded themselves in the tunnel, and are full of whispers and soft giggles. The boy is hiding from them under the bed, he’ll be there a long time, no one is coming to find him.

Next sleepover we’ll plan a little better. This last one was a bit too much of a free for all, and surprisingly all of the kids weren’t on the same page when it came to doing things. There were only two guests, so we figured that they’d easily be on the same page about activities – which were not varied. There was playing in the yard, puzzles, games, books, drawing, watching a movie, dinner and cake. But they couldn’t agree on a movie. They also didn’t want to play with the puzzles, games, books or do any drawing. Which left playing outside, dinner and cake. Not much there? I think they got a little bored. So this question is for other people – what are your best memories of sleepovers? And now that you’re all grown-up, what do you do to make sleepovers super fantastic fun?

When all is said and done, I think that the sleepover was a success. The kids laughed, they played, they watched the sunset, they laughed some more, they ran up and down the stairs, and they made up some songs. “Barbie is pretty but not very witty” had to be my all time favourite. They wolfed down cake, gobbled-up homemade pizza (which I snuck all different kinds of vegetables into without the picky one’s knowledge), and they twittered softly to one another until the darkness outweighed the light. Hopefully these moments of joy will create sweet little memories of childhood.


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