Sew what it’s Friday

Back at work this week after a nice little break, and it has been pretty crazy busy. After returning from holiday to the massive build-up of work, thoughts about time management and how to get better at using time are forefront in my mind. While on holiday,  I started reading a book called 168 hours and there are some aspects of the book that I’m really enjoying, however, I want to be clear here, I’m definitely not agreeing with all of them.

One of the things that is most interesting is the whole idea of thinking about a week’s worth of time in its entirety. When activities are broken down over the week, there appears to be a lot of time left over to do all different kinds of things. After sleeping 8 hours a night, working 8 hours a day (I’m really working to maintain a 40 hour a week schedule, more on this on another blog), taking 40 minutes to get to and from work, getting ready for work, cooking dinner, making lunches…I’ve got about 40 hours left. This is probably where I disagree with the book most, because I really feel like she doesn’t dedicate enough time towards raising her kids, in my world the time between 5:30-7:30 every night is for the kids, there is no way I’m going to take those hours and put them into furthering my career, those hours are for my kids, not to mention Sundays which are also reserved for family. So right there, that’s a solid 24 hours off of the total, leaving roughly 16 hours of free time to do whatever I feel like during the week. That’s a good chunk of time. Now that I know it is there, I’ve been thinking about what do use those hours toward. That’s more than enough time to finish projects around the house, garden, sketch, bake for pleasure, read, watch TV or movies, play guitar, write this blog, and learn new skills.

The first thing that came to mind is starting and finishing a series of sewing projects that are around a three hour time commitment total (if you’re keeping tally, this still leaves a good 13 hours to loaf around). One hour for design, one for cutting, one for sewing. To me these projects could be done in one evening or stretched out into a weekly project, or on a Saturday afternoon while off work. Of course, in order to do them you have to be able to sew and possible design (you could buy patterns though). If you love to sew, but don’t own a machine, there is a super cute place for sewing called Spool of Thread over by Kingsway and Fraser, that have lovely fabric and offer classes and sewing machine time (~$8 per hour).

This is one of my first three hour projects. A book bag for my friend Michail. It’s made from scraps of material I had leftover from projects. I’ve probably got at least enough material to make fifty different bags, although I might just make more than one thing. After all, I’m more than a one trick pony. Next Friday, I’ll post a different sewing project, with a bit more detail, a step-by-step perhaps?


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