One hour sewing project – Part One

Here’s something new, an actual drawing of something that I’ve got going on inside my noggin. This is the first official item for the weekly one hour sewing project. Figure with time and practice, I’ll get a bit better at drawing, sure hope so, because I don’t really want to continue without getting better. Rather just think about something and translate it with sewing, and avoid using an hour (or more) to draw it out, but it is good to be challenged by doing something new, right?

Sketching was not as quick as predicted. Even though the idea was floating in my head, once it was time to put it to paper, I was pretty blank about how to even begin. At first I just tried to draw something akin to what was in my mind, but quickly realized that it was not coming out on paper the way it was in my head. Is this what happens for real artists? Do they need a physical reference point, or is it training? Think that there are a lot of folks out there who can directly translate what they’re imagining onto paper through the use of a pencil. I am definitely not one of those people, and now I know that. Trying to decide where the shadows should fall or how the gathers actually would look was more then I’ve got the ability to translate from brain onto paper. Let alone, how the lines, squiggles, and scratches somehow come together to form anything that remotely resembles the skirt I had imagined drawing. This is definitely going to take practice.

Looking at a couple of skirts that I’ve made, and using those as an image reference was helpful. There’s nary a bow or anything that resembles a bow in Little House, so when it came to drawing one, I was totally at a loss. However, google images (ah, the wonders of the interweb) came through with a plethora of different bows some photographed, some drawn, some photoshopped. Throughout the process I kept trying to remember that it isn’t about perfection (obviously), just the desire to learn how to do something new, to try something new, to step outside of my comfort zone. It is a good practice to put something down on paper before bringing out the scissors and fabric; this must be the reason why people use patterns. So this is rough, but it is a start. This week’s project – one hour skirt.

Next up, fabric, measuring, cutting. It will be fun. Will post the finished project on Friday, with some general instructions for those who’d like to do a little sewing project for themselves.


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