What anniversaries do you celebrate – what is forgotten, and what is actually celebrated? As time seems to be slipping by at an ever-increasing speed and since this is the longest I’ve ever spent working in one place, this year, I’ve decided to acknowledge how long I’ve been working for UBC. Today is my 7th anniversary. This might not seem terribly significant, but it holds strong for a couple of reasons. The grandest of reasons is that the 5th year was supposed to be the last. But life changes, and things happen, and suddenly, seven years have passed, and it seems strange to think of being anywhere else. This doesn’t mean that I’ve somehow lost aspirations for something different and more exciting. Seven is just one of those numbers that has some sort of intrinsic, deeper meaning. It isn’t as weighty as 10, 20, 30 or any other decade marker, but it is one of those numbers that falls on the cusp, somewhere between still being on the verge of making new choices and being stuck in a rut. I’ve still got time to finish reaching some of my goals for work before the ten-year mark, but it is time to get moving, time to make some plans, time to get to work.


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