I’ve been slightly distracted lately. Please forgive the mess.

It has been a little while since an update. There’s been a lot happening around here, and soon there will be a flurry of posts. Soon, not now.

In case you’ve missed it, the last of the flowers are blooming. Winter is nearing. The days are growing shorter. Can you feel it? How dark and cold it is already.

I’ve been wanting to turn the heat on, but my Scottish roots nary will let me.

Slippers, sweaters, and blankets are all out and being used. Fingers are frosty, but the bed is warm.

Love autumn, hope it hangs on a little longer. The last few days have been lovely. Just enough good weather to get our big project done.


One thought on “Distracted

  1. We were just talking tonight about how it’s probably time to turn the heat on. I wanted to make it to November, but man, it’s getting cold!

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