The Year Ahead

We’re all piled in bed this morning. Little S has finished playing her piano and practicing her spelling, and is now letting us know about some of the many things her books have taught her. Little O is sandwiched between us adults, and is flipping through the pages of his National Geographic. His multiple teddies (at least 20) are piled skilfully down the centre of the bed, providing an extra albeit, heavily unnecessary, source of additional heat. Big S has his eyes closed, ‘they’re burning’ he says in a rather gruff, but happy 7am voice. The homemade birthday cards have been distributed, hugs and kisses have been given, love has been mentioned, and the first coffee of the day is slowly being consumed. The morning is off to an excellent start.

As Little S’s card repeatedly pointed-out, today is my 38th birthday. It will be a good year. Can’t wait to start and finish many a project. Can’t wait to find and to read some new favourite books, and to ponder and to set several new goals. Can’t wait to go on some new adventures and to take a few measured risks. But for now, I’m just going to sit here and soak in the happiness. This is a warm and comfortable place to be; I am just going to let my imagination run for a few uninterrupted moments, and imagine the year ahead.



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