Branching Out

Have had this branch sitting outside on the front porch since the late summer,

it has been waiting for the best time for a little project.

The  best time appeared this afternoon, while Big S was picking-up the littlest one from preschool. After a few short measurements, and a little sawing, I put it up in the bedroom.

Any guesses as to what its purpose became? I’m certainly not the first person to come up with this idea, and have scene it around the blogosphere for a while now.

Oh yes, clever little monkeys – it is a clothing rack.

Kindly ignore the screw-holes in the drywall, as they are a leftover evidence from the recent roofing job. I went to fix them today, and all the filler had completely dried-out.

It was a really easy project. A little sawing to make it fit nicely. Three screws into studs, and a little burlap webbing to finish it off (with the help of a bit of hot glue).

 There aren’t any closets in Little House, so we’ve been struggling for a while, trying to find the best option for the least amount of money.

This project was pretty well free. Everything that it took, I had on hand; so I’m going to call this one a free one.

Here it is all dressed-up with pretty well every article of clothing that I own.


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