Updated blog site for January 1st, and have some plans as to how to keep on top of things. I’m hopeful that things will be on track for 2012, and am excited for this new year.

The last few weeks have been hairy. It wasn’t just the rush of Christmas and the flurry of visitors. We were the house of sickness. Everyone gets sick; we’ve got school-age kids we know about getting sick. But this time it was a real doozy, we were all in bed for several days, and have spent the rest of our time trying to get over this sickness, a December full of sickness…not the most fun month on record. This Little House and all of its occupants are very hopeful for a sick-free year.

Last night while looking out our bedroom window, I could see the twinkling of the ski-hill lights. There they were, like a sparkling beacon way up in the sky, surrounded by the deep-dark blackness of winter. Looking forward to the days growing lighter and to getting outside more. Looking forward to all of the things that a fresh new year brings.

What are your plans for 2012? Did you make any resolutions? How is this year going to be different than the last?

All the best for 2012, best wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead.




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