A Few of My Favourite Things – Week 1 of 52

Last year I saw this project where a blogger documented one thing each week over the year, letting readers know about the things that are a part of her life, things that tell a story and things that she loves. Emma Reddington suggests:

Years from now someone comes across a box full of your possessions and tries to piece together a story of the person you were. Maybe this box contains photographs, books, personal documents, clothing, cutlery, ticket stubs or even a packet of gum. What would those objects say about you? Would they tell an accurate history of your life? What story would they tell?

I really love the idea of documenting little fragments of our lives, and putting them together over 52 weeks to create a history of ourselves. I’ve been thinking about this concept over December, and wanted to put the idea into action. Every week over this next year I’m going to post something from our lives, things that we love and pictures that will help in telling our story.

Object number 1:

This first one is looser than an object, but it is something that I love, an action that helps to introduce us, and our lives together – Dinnertime. Sitting around the table eating good food, and chatting about our day. Things come up during these meals. What we want to do on the weekend or throughout the year. The dreams the kids have been having, what books and games they are loving. This is one of the only places where the kids will actively tell us about their day, what they did at school, what friends they played with, and what new things that they’ve learned. In an ideal world we’d get to have dinner as a family every night, but life sometimes gets in the way and we aren’t always able to sit down together.

The food is not always loved by all, and sometimes there are small struggles. We’re not striving for perfection, it is a time for us to be together, to learn from each other and to grow as a family. It is pretty cool to have time everyday to get together, to talk and to eat – these little things make our lives so much larger.


One thought on “A Few of My Favourite Things – Week 1 of 52

  1. This is wonderful. When CS and CR will little we used to have “the day we did” time before bed. Ted and I would alternate nights – it is one of the special times I remember when they were little. I don’t know when or how we stopped doing it but those times remain very special in my memory.

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