Afternoon Walks

It is usually so gloomy in Vancouver during January, but today was unseasonably warm and dry.  I hadn’t even realized it until leaving work, so when we got home Little S and I went out on a small pre-dusk walk. One of my goals for 2012 is to take advantage of dry weather, and to get out with my girl; just the two of us together, holding hands and talking about our dreams. It is so good to have a little bit of one on one time. She’s at school all day and I’m at work all day, and between play-dates, piano lessons, and swimming there is little time to get away just the two of us. So today, we got out and ventured around the neighbourhood.

It was surprising to see that gardens are already coming to life. It has felt warmer than usual, but I hadn’t expected to see rhododendrons blossoming. There was a lot of life in people’s gardens. If you’re from a warmer climate, you might not understand the shock of seeing so much growing so early in the year (it just seems so weird, to not have any snow, grey skies and rain – and for the temperature to be 10 degrees in January). Even the trees look about to burst out with fresh new leaves.

Little S was talking vividly about which tree would be best suited for a treehouse, and how she and her little brother could each have their own house. Hers would be filled with books, and Little O’s would be filled with lego. They’d visit each other’s houses and play together and read books aloud. She was so excited it was hard to get a clear photo of her, as she was jumping and pointing out all the different ‘treehouse-worthy’ trees in the neighbourhood.

It was lovely to be out together, holding hands, talking about the year ahead. We both have so many dreams; I was surprised to hear how many we had in common. We want to get the vegetable garden going, to build a little workshop/playhouse in the yard, to go cycling together, to try skiing, to go camping and canoeing. The list goes on and on, some of the things are achievable (gardening and canoeing), and others might have to wait (skiing and building a workshop). But you know, when it really comes down to it, just having time together whether 15 mins or an hour, to dream together and to focus on one another — that in and of itself is going to open up new pathways and new adventures.

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