Taking Care of Business – 52 weeks towards a better home

Week 2. The list, oh it is long, cumbersome, weighty. I may take more than 52 weeks to get through. But it is mine, for better or for worse. Hopefully by the end of these 52 weeks, this Little House will be a whole lot spiffier. This week’s project was a little smaller than project number 1. I re-organized the kids’ toys, dress-up clothes, got rid of extras, and tidied, tidied, tidied. Little S needed somewhere to hang her new party dresses, so I put a couple of hooks up on the wall. They are really functional in this spot (moved from the bathroom, where they did not function well), and I like them – they are whimsical, which is what a kid’s room should feel like.

This is the list of disorder and chaos from the Little House in the Big City. Feel free to ignore the list…I’m going to cross items off as 2012 progresses…who knows maybe some of the dream items might just happen this year.

Here’s The Don’t Like List:

Living Room – for the love of space, why won’t everything just fit?

Landing Strip – must make it usable for four or more, some sort of hat/scarf storage, new hooks

Move paintings

New phone – or at least a battery that lasts more than two minutes

Finish couch – stain legs and make wood buttons

Fix curtains – adjust height and make pinch pleats, add middle bracket

Get matting/fix framed mukluks and mittens, and paintings

Fix lamp base & rewire

Adjust speakers, integrate seamlessly into living room

Silicone around moulding

Go through stuff on the TV shelf and get rid of useless clutter


Finish window moulding

DREAM – breakdown walls, open up space under stairs

Kitchen – Dreaming of soapstone and wood

More than two cupboards? Open shelving

Great lighting

New fan

New stove – preferably one that works properly

Dishwasher, built-in

Fix legs on island

New pots and pans (copper)

New food processor that isn’t quite so broken

Finish window moulding

DREAM – breakdown walls, open up ceiling

Pantry – dishes and dishes and dishes, maybe some pots and pans


Hang more pegboard and paint it

Do something about flooring, find out about access point and what to do about it

Shelving instead of hutch? Not sure, but would like to do something different

Move hot water tank

DREAM – move pantry and bathroom to backroom and make this the master bedroom

Bathroom – clean and white

Completely Redo – except bathtub

Paint outside of tub black

Redo moulding around window

Hang extra shelf in room

Make a shower

Replace bathroom hardware

Fix faucet on tub

DREAM – see above




Get flooring down

New backdoor

New other backdoor

Clean sewing area

Organize storage area

Fix back door so that it opens smoothly

DREAM – plumbing and move everything so that this space is actually useful and a full bathroom with laundry and back entry that works

Dining Room – Ready for eating, ready for guests, ready for games and evenings of fun

Refinish Table

Refinish top of dresser

Find a screw for the missing pull on dresser

Reupholster chair

Finish making Roman blind

Silicone around moulding


Replace keyboard with piano

Finish window moulding – in progress

Stairwell – It is a stairwell, it just needs to be safe

Repaint – maybe do something like wallpaper or something different

Hang new railing-system up stairs

Get new stair treads

Completely strip stair railings back to original wood – in progress

Fix stupid piece of moulding on the stairwell

Fix window moulding – in progress

Put up chandelier at the top of stair – involves getting electrician

Fix kids craft area at the top of stairs.

Get some baseboards and actually put them on

Follow through on the idea of carpeting, and get a proper quote

DREAM – What we really want here is a little water closet and to put in a dormer window

Kids’ Room – Clean, organized and easy to have fun in this room. Want the kids’ imaginations not mold.


Fix window Moulding – in progress

Antler Hangers for Little S’s dresses

Get dress-up clothes into a basket

Fix blind – add some sort of loveliness to the blind

Put up curtains

Stain bedrails to match bed  (this needs to be done before we go away for a couple of days because it smells)

Make bedskirts

Make a new bookshelf

Come up with a good idea for under window storage with a little bench for reading

Store or sell little chair (this makes me sad, but the kids are getting bigger)

Go through toys and decide what to keep and give away/sell

Hang art

Fix pulls on drawer – decide whether to sell set or not

Make school days memory book for both kids and organize their drawings, report cards, and other school things

Our Bedroom – Clean, white, minimal. I want to sleep here and know that there are no scary monsters under the bed

Clean out all of the kids’ stuff

Hang art

Hang curtains

Fix blind – replace with the fabric that has been sitting on the shelf since moving here

Add baseboards

Organize books

Hang mirror

Move chest of drawers to door wall and the side table from living room

Clean-up top of Big S’s chest of drawers

Go through clothes and give away

Carpet/no carpet?

Do touch-ups on paint

Do touch-up on bed paint

Fix moulding around window (need Gramps help) – in progress

Put up hanger for holding necklaces

Spackle holes

Fix bedframe

Outside – this is my love.  The garden. To spend hours among all of it, to breath it in, spring cannot arrive soon enough

Fix paint on trim

Fix paint where the roofline has changed since the new roof was put on

Fix paint at the back of house where the spout has changed

Replace front fence with picket (like original)

Change green on house, put application in to heritage council to change it…and hope that they allow it

Fix planter boxes on house, replace with wrought iron

Plant plants

Get some root booster

Set-up rain barrels

Set-up vegetable garden

Mulch, weed, mow, hands need to be dirty

That’s about it for now. Are you ready? Do you have a list, have you checked it twice?


22 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business – 52 weeks towards a better home

  1. You kicked butt in your bedroom! And if gardening is your love, maybe you can help me with mine. I have no idea what to plant under our Chinese elm or in the huge, long garden bed that wraps around the yard.

    • For sure, I’d love to help with your garden! Do you know what your gardening ‘zone’ is? I’ll need a little direction on where your elm sits (is it north-facing, how much area around the base of the tree do you want to fill…there’s more) – do you have a site plan/property sketch?

  2. Dang, I forgot to mention–that hook idea is great! I need to get fun hooks for the boys’ bedrooms. They have these sad little ones that barely hold up their robes.

    • Thanks, the kids don’t have a closet…so these hooks have to be big and strong, or at least strong enough to hold a couple of party dresses! At some point the boy is going to want to hang things off the hooks, but we’re no where close to buying any suits for the little guy yet. Is there any boy equivalent to the girl party dress?

  3. Great list and great idea to have hangers in little S’s room. I’ve never thought about that and I am sure my children would like them, I will have to ask them if they would use them. Found you from Jule’s post on the William Morris Project. This is fun and I am glad that you put your dreams too, because it’s good to dream. Have fun!

  4. I love the way the gravatars (circles!) “blend” into your blog border. Cool. Anyway… I am here from Jules’ WMP to say, “Hi!” Great list and I like the added “Dream” item. Seems you have already been quite busy. It will be fun to follow along with your progress.
    P.S. Spring can definitely not come soon enough! I am ready to dig!!

    • Thanks for coming by, I’m still working on the blog look…never satisfied. I’m ready to get my hands dirty – both inside and outside of the house. Can’t wait for spring.

  5. I keep thinking about your hooks! Thanks for visiting earlier, I am excited to see where we are all at by the end of the year. Step one, make a list. Yours is motivating me to make one! It makes so much sense.

  6. Hi Jennifer, thanks for coming over to my blog today (yesterday?). I love your hooks; wish I’d thought of that for dress-up clothes when my girl was smaller. Looks like you’ve got a good start on crossing stuff off your list, we’re not even half thru January!

    • Thanks Kelly, It was fun seeing what everyone was doing with their lists. I’m looking forward to seeing all the good projects that people are doing. Can’t wait for next week!

  7. I love those hooks. I have a son who is 13 and thinks about nothing but hunting so something like that would be perfect for his room!

    You’ve got a quite a list. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress through it.

    • Thanks Pamelotta! The hooks were kind of quirky and fun, I’m hoping they do the trick. What fun it would be to set-up a room themed around ‘the hunter’ – could be totally beautiful and masculine.
      Hopefully 50 weeks from now the list will be much, much smaller.

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