Paper & Pencil

Wish I had this talent. The ability to sketch, to capture a moment, to scribble something that is coherent and complete. I stand in awe when I see something like this come together, turning the blank page into a representation of someone I know and love. Especially knowing that this particular image was drawn quickly, in haste, maybe 15 minutes of time was put into the sketch. How one can put pencil to paper deftly netting the subject’s essence? How do these lines come together to create a quintessential moment? When I look at Big S, I still see this child. This little boy, a little bit of sadness in his eyes. Maybe the moment captured here is something more along the lines of timid innocence, not sadness per say. Or maybe he’s just being still for his father waiting for him to finish drawing, thinking about all the toys that are impatiently waiting to be played with again.

Big S’s father emailed a few images that he had sketched over 30 years ago; nonchalantly they dropped in our inbox, no description, no written messages to accompany them on their journey. I think he might have been alluding to the similarities between father and son, but can only guess.


2 thoughts on “Paper & Pencil

  1. Yes, I really, really wish that he would sketch more, that he would pull out his pad and pencil and come out here and create. We would even brave the smoke to go out there and have some sketches done of the kids.

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