Started work on the stairs this last week. There were two pieces of moulding that have been driving me nuts. They weren’t square. They shouldn’t have been anywhere near the bannister or railing. Have always wondered what kind of mess was hiding underneath, what disaster it was covering. Turns out, it wasn’t too bad – just more shoddy workmanship. There are times when a visit from Mike Holmes should be warranted. And then there are other times where I wish we could return to the days before the contractor got his muddy hands on this place and splayed the guts of his craft all over our home.

Even though it is still in progress, it already feels better.

I’ve started stripping the paint off. Here’s how it looks today. By next week it should be closer to completion…I finally broke down and bought some ‘green’ paint remover. Will take a few photos and let you know how it works, and how much effort it takes. Hoping that it makes a difference, and helps the stairwell look a bit more finished.

Did find this photo from before Little House was moved, there is some moulding connected to the railing and it spans the rise where the stairs jut into the dining room. After repeatedly stabbing the drywall with a dull putty knife, I discovered that the old moulding is still under there. Have to work on a way to release it, will probably remove this bit of drywall, and then sink a new piece in to expose the moulding. (see that nice spot where the wall is kicked-in…that’s what we fondly refer to as the ratking — the hole and rats are long gone, the lathe reminds me of the Shining for reasons of which I am unsure).


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