Week 5 of 52 Weeks Towards a Better Little House

Smaller project this week *, but still working towards the overall goal of making this Little House beautiful and useful.

Storage is a perennial theme throughout these posts, and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. What’s strange is how within the first 5 weeks of 2012, and without a crazy amount of overall time spent per project, the house already looks and feels so much better. It is staying tidy much longer. The kids are having an easier time putting their things away, and I haven’t even gotten to their room yet. It is pretty neat. I think I’m going to start approaching some other aspects of my life in the same fashion (like exercise and weight being the top two – that whole ‘6 weeks to a healthier you’ is starting to feel possible).

Digressing. Must focus on project at hand. This week, bathroom storage. This lowly shelf is the only form of storage in the whole bathroom (save the baskets on the floor = yucky clutter). We picked up an extra shelf at IKEA a few months ago, and let it age to perfection in the back room. Patiently waiting for the perfect moment to strip it of its plastic sheath and screw it to the wall.

Guess there was a bit of time that lapsed between purchasing the two different/same shelves, enough time for IKEA to change the depth of the shelf. Which is so awesome, really. Nothing better than completing a project, only to discover that it lacks symmetry.  Probably something that won’t annoy me every time I walk into the bathroom. No, not me. Not me.

Luckily, we’ve got three more of these shelves in the back room. Unfortunately, they all are in use, and the back room is an impenetrable fortress of projects in progress, stacked like the Tower of Pisa, one risks life and limb just opening the back door. For the next couple of weeks, while other projects are working their way to completion, the thicker shelf is going to have to stay in the bathroom. Yes, I’ll wince with tremours of pain and sigh a heavy breath each time I enter the bathroom, but at least for now the baskets are off the floor, and the towels have a comfortable shelf on which to rest until their services are required. The shelves are still a bit too busy for my liking, but they are a lot better.

Keeping with the theme of things being useful and beautiful, and seizing the available moment, I sewed a little temporary curtain/blind for the bathroom. It took about 30 minutes, using some scrap fabric that I had lying around. It is pretty simple and not at all permanent, but it will function until the window moulding is fixed.

The shower hardware is ready to be installed (in the corner of the photo above), just have to figure out whether to move to the old brass fixtures throughout the bathroom, or to source some nickel/silver fixtures and run with those instead. What do you think? Is old brass acceptable or is it a passing trend? I like the way it looks in these photos…but maybe I’d tire of it?

Futagami Brass Shelf Supports

1st image via Remodelista – Oji Masanori for Futagami

2nd image via Ken Levenson Architect P.C. – Jenna Lyons’ Bathroom

3rd image via Canadian House and Home – Suzanne Dimma’s Guest Bathroom

4th image via Canadian House and Home – Vintage-Chic Bathroom

5th image via Remodelista – Oji Masanori for Futagami

*Qualifying this by noting that I’m still working on the larger stair and window projects.


21 thoughts on “Week 5 of 52 Weeks Towards a Better Little House

  1. The brass will look so good with your newly painted tub and I would definitely switch all the other fixtures to brass. I really had to laugh about the shelves. Definitely something that would happen to me. How wonderful that you have a hidden stash so that you can switch the one shelf out. Saved from insanity! :)

    • Thanks Monica, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has the issue with symmetry or lack there of :-)
      I’m heavily leaning on the brass. Think it would look great. Just have to find the right pieces that work (secondhand), or wait much, much longer to purchase the super beautiful expensive new items…

  2. That has happened to me more than once with Ikea stuff. Grrr…
    As for the aged brass, I’m learning to love it. Especially mixed with other metals.

    • Been wondering about mixing an oil rubbed bronze with the aged brass…thought that it could be a good look. Still working on the ‘best’ overall concept, these things don’t seem to come fluidly for me. :)

  3. I love aged brass, if you couldn’t tell from my Brass Town living room. O_O

    As for your shelves, they look fantastic. And, with everything on top of them, the difference in width isn’t noticeable. Great job!!

    • Thanks Jules, I do love the aged brass. It matches with the age of our house too. It is just finding the right pieces for the right prices which is the toughest part.

  4. “let it age to perfection in the back room” Hee hee. I can’t tell you how much of my own stuff is still ripening. The shelves do look good, and I think that if they bother you, it might be less annoying if you put the thinner on top of the thicker so it’s a little more balanced. But they are fabulous!

    • That’s a great idea about switching top/bottom, so smart…maybe ruminating (ie. procrastinating) is just a positive step towards allowing items to reach the peak of perfection…ripening brings out the full-flavoured potential after all :-)

  5. I had the same thought about swapping the 2 shelves out. Then you can say it was intentional. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll switch them and every time you look at them you will still be reminded of the fact that they don’t match and eventually you’ll dig out the matching one less you drive yourself insane.

    Also, another vote for aged brass fixtures.

    • Think I better add aged brass fixtures to my ‘list’!
      The shelves will bother me, I need them to be the same. I’m too close to insanity already to risk it :-)

  6. Love the shelves, and agree they’d look even better w/ the brass treatment. And I really, really like your inspiration shots…the one with the corner sink is to DIE!

  7. If you love the brass, I say go for it. I have this theory that I stick with what I love whether it is current or not. I think it makes our home timeless rather than trendy.

    • Good theory May, I think that the brass is in keeping with the age of our home (120 years), so it seems right to use it and that it will be timeless.

  8. The brass is gorgeous! I would definitely do it if our house was as old as yours … so fitting. The shelves look great … off balance or not! And that little valance is perfect! I love the fabric. Great job!

  9. I also like the brass, and your inspiration photos are beautiful. Your curtain is perfect and works great! I liked your “aged to perfection” comment as well, I do have to think over things and really get them settled in my head before diving into a project. Good for you that you didn’t let IKEA’s shelf width change derail you from your goal of getting those hung up; I must confess I may have been derailed at that point and admire your perseverance. Your bathroom looks so nice and organized…is it easier to use with the baskets off the floor and easier to access? Thanks for sharing your project!

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