Week 6 of 52: Time

Here we are week 6 of 52. Momentum. Must keep ticking. This William Morris Project is really great – seeing what others are doing really helps motivate, and to keep trucking along, checking items off The List.

Updating and admitting something that could come back to haunt me, but I’ve got three major projects on the go. January lulled me quietly into 2012, and now that February has hit, the year is pushing forward full throttle. It is becoming slightly more difficult to balance work/home with internet/projects/downtime. Never one to be good at this thing called balance, I decided it probably would be a good idea to throw a third big project into the works. Never mind finishing the windows and stairs project. No, that would be too smart for me. Must be overwhelming busy, or nothing will get done (yes, I like grey hair and wrinkles). I’m going to try and qualify starting a third large project, by suggesting that the other two projects are contingent on other people’s schedules. It isn’t fair to rush someone who is driving a 200km once a week to help us finish our windows. Did I also mention that they are doing it for free? Expecting nothing but a cup of coffee and an extra hand or two to move the project along. Sure, it isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like, but honestly – I can’t complain, right?

So knowing that the stairs and windows are going to take a little while, I started a third project, one that I could be totally in control of from start to finish. Think my judgement is sorrowfully lacking, there will be no photos of Little House this week, the photos might come back and haunt me. No photos of the mess of fabric, staples, tools, and fluff littered around the first floor. The third project is in full swing. It is looking really good. Can’t wait to finish, but unfortunately it is going to take more than six hours to finish the project. Possibly more than two weekends. Maybe even three weekends. Just thinking about it makes me want to drop off the radar, and tuck into getting the project done. But alas, it is lunchtime on a Thursday afternoon, and I’m taking a break from work to get this post out there, to keep on track with at least one commitment for this lovely year of the dragon.

Before starting another BIG PROJECT, I at least planned ahead and finished a small project for week 6.  This one has been sitting around for quite some time. Little hands got ahold of smaller hands, and bent them back and forth see-sawing away filling the air with a mischievously delightful laughter. Lessons were learned. Breakable items were put out of reach. Then they were forgotten about. Resurfacing years later, during a small move across town.

Almost twenty years ago, I made this small piece of walnut into a clock for my new boyfriend. I wanted to show him that I wasn’t like other girls, that I wasn’t afraid of getting my hands dirty, that I wasn’t precious and breakable, that I could build things, that I was handy

Fortunately, he was very accepting of the weirdo that brought him a saw blade stuck to a slab of wood. Over the years, we’ve turned around and made some pretty incredible things together.

Admittedly, the broken clock isn’t exactly a masterpiece. Never was. But at least it used to work. It used to have two hands. Mission this week – fix clock and hang it on wall.

This project cost $6.00 CDN to fix, and took about 15 minutes.

The instructions are as easy to follow in French, as they are in English. The only snag I ran into was the new movement was wider than the one that I replaced. Out came the chisels, and the wood chips flew.

Snug as a bug. The white bits around the edges are a bit of caulking to keep the movement in place.

Added a new black screw and brass nut to the face (it is so hard to keep this post from getting dirty).

And last but not least, two new hands.

Gave the wood a once over with some mineral oil, let it dry. Then up onto the wall it went. Right next to my favourite tartan.

Another item crossed off the list.

Now to face the mess that I’ve created in the rest of Little House.


12 thoughts on “Week 6 of 52: Time

  1. Love that tartan! It’s on my list to one day have a tartan from my family line, but that’s a whole other subject. Anyway, the clock looks great and I think it’s wonderful that you took the time to fix something with such a neat history. Have fun with your other projects!

    • Thanks Carrie,
      That tartan skirt has been with me a while (it was my sister’s), think I was in grade six when she got it (which means it is almost 30 years old – ah.). Have always been a little mad about plaid. Was so excited to be able to have my family’s tartan up somewhere in the house.

  2. i love that there is a story behind the piece from start to finish. to many of my belongings have the story of “oh, i found it in a thrift store” with the history unknown to me, the story belonging to someone else. lovely project!

    • Thanks Chrissy! The beauty might be physically lacking on this one, but the sentiment has always been surrounded by love…so it kind of keeps with the WM theme.

  3. A tartan! I always wanted a family tartan or family crest. Seeing that is ancestrally impossible in my case, I will have to be happy admiring those who have them. Great job!! :)

    p.s. Great job fixing up a clock with such history.

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