Week 7 of 52 – One Big Project Done! Woohoo!

I don’t have much to say this week, I’m just happy to be done this project! Uncomfortable chair, is now comfy happy chair.

Thanks again to Jules for hosting the William Morris Project


29 thoughts on “Week 7 of 52 – One Big Project Done! Woohoo!

  1. I want to curl up in that chair, close my eyes and let those ships lull me to a place far away where the waves rock me to sleep!

  2. I just cannot imagine the reasoning behind the original fabric choice. Before, she looked like she was ready for prom in the 60’s. Now she’s all grown up and serious. Actually, ‘she’ looks like a ‘he’ now, but so sophisticated. Love the fabric! Great job getting it done!

    • Haha, gender reassignment procedures for furniture ;) She was a dirty-girl left over from the sixties, and is definitely cleaned-up nice and neat. Thanks Pamelotta!

  3. Did you do the reupholstering yourself? Great choice of fabric! I have about 4 chairs to redo and am looking forward to getting that done! Congrats.:)

  4. there’s a pretty good series on design*sponge. http://www.designsponge.com/2011/12/upholstery-basics-picture-perfect-backs.html.
    Also, took a book out from the library, but it had all these fancy tools, and well, I don’t have the money for those, so I improvised with a bunch of different things (needle-nose pliers, hammer, flat-end pliers), but the book had some good basics. I use all the old pieces of fabric as templates for the new fabric. be prepared to have sore hands. longer staples (learned this right at the end, they just have a bit more dig – used #10 instead of #8s). Don’t stretch too hard, this causes the fabric to ‘warble’ (is this a word?), you can always go back and tighter things, but if you do it too tight to start, it may leave a mark in the fabric. Take out all the old staples…no matter what a pain it is at the time, because starting with a blank, clean canvas is the best (this takes more time than the reupholstering did). As a caveat though, I’ve done a lot of sewing and designing, so I think that this helps. Good luck

  5. Wow-I am super impressed that you did all that upholstery yourself. You should go into business. The chair is so fun now {I have a weakness for nautical things} and I agree, it is perfect next to the trunk!

    • I secretly (or not so much) would love to have my own upholstery business, as I love doing it. BUT right now in life, I’m the kind of person that needs the security of a salaried consistent position – now if my hubby had a salaried position, I might feel different :)
      Yay to the love of all things nautical!

    • Thanks Carrie. I’ve been eyeing the fabric at IKEA.ca for some time, but it wasn’t available at my store, and then like magic, one day it was just there :0). It isn’t the strongest of materials, so I had to back it with a heavy upholstery grade denim.

  6. I can’t believe you reupholstered it yourself! And didn’t even brag in the post! Had I done it, you would have had to skim 1209809384 words of me recounting my awesomeness.

    WELL DONE–both in execution and humility. ;)

    • It wasn’t until well afterwards that the thought of writing more about actually doing this myself crossed my mind (perhaps exhaustion, more than humility, played a key role in this post) :-)

    • Really, you didn’t like the shiny turquoise patterned fabric? ;-) Matching-up the pattern on the ships almost killed me, I took the damn thing apart four times (I’m looking at it as a learning experience…because it would otherwise have driven me nuts). Thanks for the nod of encouragement.

    • What, Cali’s practically 15 minutes away, we’re like neighbours (not.even.close). You’ve probably got access to way better projects than I can get my paws on, up here in the great wet North. Thanks for the kudos, I’m pretty happy with the end result.

    • How’s it holding-up? Kind of liking the hard work, sore back and hands thing…but not sure if I’d like it so much if it was an everyday thing, and not a once in a while/choice-type thing.

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