Missed a week…A Few of My Favourite Things – Week 6 of 52

I didn’t paint these pictures. Neither did my father-in-law, his father didn’t either. These paintings goes back, way back, back to the 1800s. The old codger above is the culprit. One James Thompson Bell, great, great, great, great grandfather of Big S (there might be another great in there).

Big S’s father has said that the drawing gene skips a generation, sometimes two, and then appears again. I sure hope that our kids have gotten the gene (but I’m kind of doubting it thus far). This is an excerpt from ‘Great Men of Canada‘ (I think this is the correct link, please let me know if I’ve gotten it wrong).

These paintings are hanging by our front door. Away from any direct sunlight, behind protective glass. The colours are pretty vivid considering how long they’ve been lying on the paper. I’m pretty happy that we’ve got this bit of heritage from the paternal side of this little family.


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