A Few of My Favourite Things – Week 7 of 52

I had wanted a hand turned lathed wooden bowl for what seemed like years. There was never the opportunity to purchase one. When I had seen ones that I liked, they were so far out of my price point it was ridiculous. But one lovely summer day in 2008, while out in Harrison Hot Springs (supporting the Festival of the Arts) wandering the pathways along the beachfront, Big S spied a small cramped tent filled with wooden bowls. He picked out this lovely bowl, just for me. We’ve kept it placed up high on a shelf, far from the reaches of little fingers, and I’ve treasured it everyday (from afar).

Today I took it down to get a couple of photos. It wasn’t on the table two minutes, when a wonderful little boy, bounced up and accidentally knocked it off the table. Tears ensued – mine, not his. After cleaning-up the plant that spilled its soil all over the floor, I picked myself off the floor, and found all the small splinters of wood that scattered across the dining room. Thankfully, the bowl had only lost a bit of bark, there were no splits and cracks in its facade. With a little bit of wood glue, I did the best job I could of fixing the bowl. These are all after shots, so she doesn’t look too worse for wear. And now, my beautiful little bowl has been returned to its spot far from the maddening crowd. Maybe in 2018 she can be brought down to table height again.


4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things – Week 7 of 52

  1. Hey, that bowl was made by Eric Munshaw, word work teacher extraordinaire at good, old Mount Slesse Middle School! A very fine man, and a very fine bowl!

    • Thanks Britt – that’s good to know! His website wasn’t working, so I didn’t put in the link. Glad to hear that he’s a great guy and a wood-work teacher to boot!

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