8 of 52 Weeks Beautiful and Useful


  1. The inescapable or implacable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

Hello Villian,

You’ll be vanquished before this day is through. I will not be brought down by your kind. Be gone mess, be gone.

Every morning, this mess greets me with a great big reminder of the chaos that can quickly collect in a small space. And every evening, when walking-up the stairs, this mess sends me off to sleep (without pleasant dreams). It isn’t as though this pile of papers, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, stickers, and stamps can’t be organized. Creativity, it isn’t really a thing that one can keep taut with a lasso – it is fluid, rambling, and knows no boundaries. But this imagination station broke the flood gates and has spilled its contents further than this photo can capture.This whole project took one afternoon. I don’t know why it seemed like a formidable foe, because this little area, was really quite impotent in the grand scheme of Little House. The first part of reorganizing the creativity corner was to clear the area of all contents. Everything that was on the tables and walls was moved onto my bed. I put things into a couple of different piles, somewhat organized in a thematic sort of way. Next part, was a quick recycling of all the papers. The pens and markers were all tested, and have been culled. Next all the pencils and crayons were sharpened. Then the papers reorganized. Lastly, everything was placed in a proper spot somewhat systematically.

Here is the corner halfway through the clean-up. The prized paintings and drawings are on the wall. All the drawing implements are in their special spots.This little wooden box has been repurposed as a paper-holder. The drawing papers are on top. Colouring books in the middle. Workbooks are in the bottom spot.It is a little busier than I’d planned, but it was really important to the kids that their projects were given a spot of honour.Here’s the final product. New and improved creative corner, made especially for two little lovelies.I wasn’t even close to being done, and the little desk was already being utilized. I’m happy to say, that at the end of today, all the papers and supplies have been returned to their new homes. Not really much of an opponent after all.

The source inspiration for these projects come Jules at Pancakes and French Fries. Hope you’re following along, and seeing how others are progressing through their projects!


6 thoughts on “8 of 52 Weeks Beautiful and Useful

  1. Oh, my boys would LOVE a creativity corner! And, since I’ve started the process on cleaning out their rooms, I think we’re well on our way to having our own. Thank you for the inspiration!! Great job.

    • Thanks Jules – the kids really love their space, and it is very well utilized. There are probably a few more things that could be done to organize it better, but it is easier for the kids to put things away if the organization is fairly ‘loose’.

  2. I wish I had room for this! Hopefully in the next house–in this one all the stuff resides in our dining room, ostensibly behind closed doors, but it really just ends up all over the top of the sideboard. Nice job on corralling everything.

    • This is a really odd and awkward spot at the top of the stairs. One day we hope to make a small water closet here, but for now, it is just big enough for the child-sized table and chairs and a smattering of art supplies. Hopefully we can keep on top of it, and keep it well corralled.

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