A Few of My Favourite Things – 8 of 52

These were my parents goblets. There used to be six of them. One jumped from the shelf a few years ago, in only what I can imagine to be a last stitch effort for someone to notice it, to fill it with the elixir of life. But alas, its attempt to draw our attention ended badly. The pieces couldn’t be put together again, and that one goblet has now left us, shattered by neglect.

These earthenware cups were thrown by Yarrow, BC potter Ted Driediger in the late 70s. He doesn’t have a website. He doesn’t have an email address. Yet, this man has managed to support his family off his earnings for 40 years. Here is a blog post from Dahlhaus regarding her trip to Dreidiger’s studio (check out her awesome pottery!).

When I was a kid, these cups were my chalices, and I was a royal knight. After a long day’s battle, I would be rewarded with an exotic potion, and it could only come from one of these noble vessels. The ceramic is cold, and would boost the temperature of anything poured inside. A boring glass of 2% would provide eternal youth, if drunk from one of these little fellows. No longer a lowly glass of milk, these cups transported the mere liquid into a powerful life-altering cocktail.

Now my own children, who are forging their own magical quests, get to sample the same life-saving liquids from these treasured earthy cups. They are very special little goblets. No longer chaste and locked away in the tallest tower of our castle. These jewels are shared. Hopefully, they all enjoy their place of honour, and no other ones throw themselves carelessly off the parapet into the moat.


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