9 of 52 Weeks Beautiful and Useful

Look up, look up. Do you see it there, so small and white, holding on tight to the siding on Little House. When the house was raised off of the old slab, the little old shabby cheap front light went up with it.

Through thick and thin that damn light went with the house. Withstanding storms and sunny weather.

Even after painting the porch and putting up the swing, I still never got to replacing the light.

Finally, the day arrived. It took 20 minutes, and the help of a parent (who thought it would be a 5 minute job). But finally, the front porch light has been replaced. A new beam of light emits from the shallow entry to our Little House. More fitting with the age of the house, the light is a replica of a 1910 lamp. The heavy cast iron should weather and age along with our home, and I think it compliments Little House quite well.

This is the first time I’ve ever replaced a light. Have to say that it was really very simple. Don’t know why I waited so long; you’ll probably see a rash of changed lights around Little House! It was nice to get outside and complete this project. It has been hanging over my head for quite some time. The box that held the light has been sitting on the dining room table for a few weeks, and before that, it sat in the truck waiting for its final application.

The weather is starting to improve around here, I’m hopeful that many of my projects will start moving to the outdoors over the coming months. Can’t wait to get the trim painted and to get the garden growing. Spring is just around the corner. The days are getting longer. This winter was long and tiring, can’t wait to see the end of it.

These projects are all a part of a larger theme, thanks again to Jules of Pancakes and French Fries for hosting the weekly William Morris series.


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